Monday, December 10, 2018

Snow at the Harlow House

Early Sunday morning around 4:30, I woke up to a
 warm little body snuggled up to me.  It was Charlotte-
she nestled under my arm and with her big brown eyes,
asked me if I had seen the snow that was falling outside.
Together we scampered to my window to find that
snow had covered our neighborhood, the rooftops, and roads.
I don't think we went back to sleep: too excited.

On Friday afternoon Mr. Nielson and I took Angus to the vet to get his 
booster shot, and we noticed that salt covered the parking lot. 
I  heard there was supposed to be a big 
snowstorm and school could possibly be cancelled for Monday,
but I have never heard of preparing for a storm like this,
almost three days in advance!
Sunday morning we were alerted by our Bishop that church
was cancelled, and when daylight broke, 
our neighborhood was a buzz with families
and kids playing in the snow and in the roads.
The Sabbath day is still the Sabbath day regardless of cancelled church,
and we stayed inside as a family listening to beautiful Christmas music,
reading scriptures as a family, and discussing the
beautiful miracles Christ preformed
while on earth, and miracles we see still today.
We did some cooking, napping, journal writing, 
reading Christmas picture books, we wrapped presents for friends,
and had a family coloring session.
Before dinner we watched "A Wonderful Life", and I am convinced that
they don't make movies like that anymore.

Just before dinner I got a phone call from the school district
alerting us that school was cancelled for Monday!
If there is anything in the whole world that would make my
Christmas complete, it would be snow.
I am in heaven!
Welcome Christmas!

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