Monday, December 03, 2018

Christmas Trees 2018

Tonight as I write this post, Mr. Nielson is opening 
all the windows wide open in the house.
The weather today was 73 degrees and a little balmy.
And earlier this afternoon, my brother Andrew sent me 
a video chat of his backyard covered with at least
5 inches of fluffy snow--(what are brothers for).
So tonight I will admit, I feel a little homesick.
But looking at the weather on my phone, I think we might be in
for a little inclement weather later this week.
Here's hoping!

Last week we visited about five different Christmas tree stands,
and finally decided to stop at a cute little farm where you can cut 
your own tree (or buy pre-cut trees).
We went fully prepared to chop our 2018 trees down-
like we did last year.
I quickly realized, nothing will be like our experience last year.
The trees available were, well...too perfect. 
The farmers had shaped all their trees and they looked
a little too perfect for my taste.
After wandering the grounds we 
picked a tree that looked just like every other tree on the property.

Then we drove to a nursery to buy three live trees for the
Little Nies bedrooms, and I found myself picking out another
too-perfect tree, this time for my living room.

We brought them home where we lit and decorated them as a family.
I decorated the family room tree with the strings of lights
that I stole from my dads Christmas decoration stash
when I first got married almost 18 years ago.  
My dad's Christmas trees are epic.
Each year he alternates between color and white lights.
He uses about 50 strings of lights per tree so I don't think
he'd ever know if I stole three stings 
These colored lights are seriously vintage and going strong.
The girls made their own garlands with glitter, balls, and string 
for their little mini-tree in their bedroom.

Next year I tell you one thing: we're going
to drive the 3 hours to the mountains to chop our trees down.
To our family, it's more than just a tree-
It's the experience of choosing the right one then cutting it down
and bringing it home.
Does seeing Christmas trees on top of cars make you as happy as I do?
I love imagining families taking those trees home to decorate them.
It's one of my favorite parts about Christmas!

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