Friday, November 30, 2018


I was planning on making Mr. Nielson breakfast for his special 
40th birthday yesterday, but Jane called me from school in distress.  
By the sound of her voice, she was obviously sick, and then
she said she felt like she was going to die.  
This time she sounded serious and I couldn't just say "buck up honey pie".
So, I left Mr. Nielson in the kitchen and 
drove to the high school to pick up Jane.
  But you can't just pick up Jane and not Claire, 
(I mean who would sit with Claire at lunch for heavens sake?!),
so I checked out Claire too. 
("Mom, I promise I will clean up the house and take care
 of Jane if you just let me stay home tooooOoOOooOO." 
 You know, that type of stuff).

Mr. Nielson and I had his special day planned.
First we dropped his motorcycle off to get new tires,
 then to the mall to find him a new pair of jeans, 
then lunch, then back to pick up his motorcycle.
Finally we picked up the Little Nies who were all waiting
for us to come home to take them to dinner.  
One of my favorite birthday traditions is 
 going around the table and sharing one (or more)
reasons why we love the birthday boy or girl. 

Overwhelmingly the replies were:
 "Because dad helps me with my homework",
for which I too am eternally grateful!
Luckily Jane had slept most of the day and was able to join us
for the evening.  She didn't eat anything, but she was there!
We came home and ate the cake I had made earlier that morning;
double chocolate with an Almond Roca crumble on top- his favorite!
Have you ever heard of the cereal "Good Morenings"?
Well it's Christian's favorite and now it's unfindable.  
I've looked, I've searched, it's gone!
The Little Nies bought him this amazing spoon because Christian
LOVES cereal, but not just any cereal, he LOVES Good Morening cereal.
Instead he used his new spoon to eat his chocolate cake.

I love Christian so much.
I love his hands, his heart, his mind, his devotion to me, our family,
and to God.  I love his faith, and his compassion.
I am so glad it's the weekend!
All I want to do is lay in my bed (with my Christmas flannel sheets)
and read Christmas books with Lottie.
Sadly that will probably not happen.
* * * * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment: Don't miss
This is how we Nielson's officially kick off
the Christmas season each year!  Join us!

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