Friday, November 02, 2018

The Shed

A few weeks ago after the the Little Nies had gotten home from school,
 Mr. Nielson told everyone to drop whatever 
it was they were doing because he was going to take us
 to our property to show us something very special.
We were all very exited and very intrigued.  What could it be?
We jumped in Mr. Nielson's truck and with Angus in the back, we
drove the 20 minutes to our property in the beautiful country.

I love making the turn from the highway onto the windy 
Carolina roads to our property.
Once we're on the back-roads I feel more relaxed, a
little lighter, and brighter.  I'm clearly a country girl.
We got to our wooded property and Mr. Nielson led us on a little
"field trip" to secluded area of our land.
And sitting camouflaged behind thick trees sat a little green shed.
"Should we open it up?" Mr. Nielson asked.
YES! We all agreed.
He began, then stopped midway and asked us what we
thought would be inside.

"A dead body!" Someone yelled.
"A Demogorgan" Ollie chimed in.
 "Stuffed deer heads" Nicholas shouted.
Mr. Nielson slowly opened the door.
A giant spider web (with GIANT spider) welcomed us first.
Inside the shed.....was.........nothing.

I mean, a few old rakes, a cooler, and a bunch of junk was inside
but nothing cool. 
But the events leading up to the moment were 
really exciting!  (Lottie could hardly stand it!).
Then we walked around our property while Angus ran in and out
and behind the trees and we walked the 
footprint of where our future home will sit.
Someday!  (I can't wait-day!).
Happy Weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: For Him

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