Thursday, November 01, 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween was an amazing day- long, but amazing.
And I knew that I was going to be busy mama after 1:00 because I 
had signed up to help out in Lottie's Class Halloween class party.
After 3:00 the day is basically shot. Does anyone else feel that way?
(After 3:00 everything is downhill from there).
 I knew I wouldn't have time to set the table, 
or make our traditional Halloween feast.
So I spent most the morning getting that all prepared.
I made (and Mr. Nielson hung) the floating candles,
I set the table, and even made our dinner.

Around 3:15 Lottie and I were in the car on our way home from 
her school party and I intercepted Mr. Nielson on a road near our home.
He was in his truck headed to the store to pick up
 dry ice for our root beer cauldron. 
( I love him). 

Seconds after that we intercepted the boys who were
walking home from school!  Great timing on all accounts!
The boys hopped in the car with Mr. Nielson and went 
 with him to the store while Lottie and I continued on home.
I played Garfield's Halloween Adventure for her while I set up a table in the
backyard so when the boys got home we could carve pumpkins.
Sure enough a few minutes later
Mr. Nielson dropped the boys off then left again, this time to pick up
Claire and Jane at a nearby farm.
The girls are learning how to judge animals, (particularly pigs)
for their FFA class.
(I told you this was a LONG day).

When they got home we had finished carving the pumpkins 
and put them on the front porch.
By this time we noticed trick-or-treaters beginning to round the houses.
I panicked especially since we hadn't even had dinner yet!
I swear this happens to me every year.
We rush from one thing to the next.
I wish Halloween day had at least 4 more hours in it- or no school.
preferably no school.

Then I announced to the children that I was just putting the bread in the oven
and dinner would be ready in 15 minutes!
The Little Nies got on their costumes and came downstairs and we sat 
down at the table together and enjoyed and ate our
spooky Halloween feast.
This year I made delicious homemade mac & cheese.
(I made a sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheese sauce).
I usually make chili on our Halloween feasts, but decided to switch it up.
I also made a green salad with dried cranberry's and cooked 
pumpkin seeds. It was a great meal to start off the night, and
of course what's a Nielson Halloween without root beer in dry ice?
Jane dressed up as Dottie Hensin and Claire was Betty Spaghetti from
the movie A League of their Own. They nailed it.  They looked darling!

Ollie and Gigs were (as they put it), Alien businessmen.
Whatever that is.

And Lottie was a cute little mummy with a giant pink bow.

Our neighborhood is adorable!
People here really get in the Halloween spirit.
They dress up and decorate their homes then sit on their porches and wait
for trick-or-treaters.  It's really kind of cute.

Claire and Jane took Lottie around trick-or-treating and Ollie and Gigs
found some neighborhood buddies to go with.
And as for Mr. Nielson and me, well we
watched a scary movie and cleaned up dinner.
We even had a few minutes to snuggle on the couch before the Little Nies
came home to give us the nights report.
All in all it was a fantastic Halloween.

I am actually really sad Halloween is over.
I love this holiday so much.

I guess it's time for Christmas music.

Happy November!

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