Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fall Tour Day 3 & 4

Our mission today was to see one of the oldest
 covered bridges in United States.
And we did!
In the small town of Kent, Connecticut is the Bull Bridge 
where brothers Issac and George built this beauty around 1760.

It's been said that General George Washington
 himself crossed this 109 foot bridge.
When we arrived to the bridge, we were shocked to see 
that it's still in working condition,
and we had to run for our lives a few times when
cars came whipping around the bend.

 In fact two UPS trucks flew in and out while we were visiting.
It's incredibly well-built and a little spooky inside too.

The wind picked up and it began to rain while we were 
there which made the experience all that more "Halloween-y".
We all loved it.

**  **  **  ** 
Earlier that day we explored the shores of the Hudson Bay
 and collected a few shells to take home, and remember our trip by.

The night before we walked main street in Sleepy Hollow where we
 had dinner and then dessert in a little sweet shop down the street,
(Ye Old Schnooker and Schnapps Shoppe?).
I asked the high school kid working what it's like
having the Headless Horseman as the school mascot,
(because I just can't imagine, it's too perfect!).
He said he didn't really think about it, but he thought the
 actual mascot who shows up to football games in a black cape
and rides a black horse is pretty cool.  
I'd have to agree.
Also, is it weird for me to want to see what the Headless Horsemen
cheerleading uniform looks like?
(Does it have a headless horseman on it?).

On the way home we told (mild) ghost stories and listened to Halloween songs.
(Great mix Claire!).
We saw the spooky graveyard where Washington Irving himself is buried.
Sadly we were a day behind in our plans (flat tire in Virginia, 
broken toilet in New York, and our shower busted in New Jersey).
After checking out the covered bridge we rushed home from
 Connecticut in the pouring rain (and traffic),
and didn't get to see the much anticipated Headless Horseman 
running around the park as we had planned. Lottie was heartbroken.
As we exited out of the city on the (new) bridge,
(I don't care what anyone says, 
I'm always going to call it the Tappan Zee Bridge),
we slowly looked behind us at the
 gorgeous Hudson Valley, and I promised Lottie
(and Jane--she was super sad too), 
that we'd be back next Halloween!  
If we can't get the toilet fixed
(it doesn't flush and that's kind of a BIG problem),
we might have to cut our Fall Tour adventure short--skipping out on 
Washington DC.  Boooo.  The Little Nies are pretty bummed.
We'll see tomorrow.
Today was glorious as we drove around New York.
The cozy little houses nestled among the colored leaves.
Smoke coming out of chimneys, and the lazy river near the road
was enough to send me into a autumn overload coma,
(I don't even know what that means, but it's something like that).
I couldn't have been more happy.
This is why RV travel is great.
We've been able to cover so much country and seen so many 
beautiful sites.  
Unfortunately, the toilet is kind of a deal breaker as we drive
with seven bodies.  I hope we can fix it tomorrow.

** ** ** ** ** 
 to my main main for dumping our waste and stuff everyday.  
These trips are easy-going because of you.  
I love you (and am so glad we brought the disposable gloves!).

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