Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Please Do Not Disturb

This is the LAST WEEK before school begins, and there is much to do!
This Friday, we are having our traditional 
Back to School Feast for the Little Nies.
This night is a sacred one for our family.
Phones are turned off, and I'll put a sign on our front
door that reads: "Please do not disturb," just in case we get any visitors.
I want this to be one of the most memorable evenings of their lives,
   so I make it a huge deal. Fancy dishes, crowns to wear, 
new dresses & shirts (for the boys), special food, and decorations.  
I hope they remember this night because they felt special, 
honored, and loved around our dinner table.
Christian and I study and pray together for months before we pick
our yearly family themes. Each theme we pick has been a guiding light
for our family, especially as we experience hard decisions, 
trials, heartache, and triumph.
I started doing these Back to School Feasts in 2008 when 
Claire went to first grade, and Jane in Kindergarten. 
Our first Feast was exactly a week before our accident.
Our theme was "Be Prepared." How timely was that!?
This has been one of the best traditions I have made for our family,
and picking out the theme is a beautiful experience for 
Christian and me as we decide what is going on in the lives of our children
and in the world around us.
A few days ago, Claire told me as we were driving to the store that
these feasts have been one of her most memorable events
that we do as a family.
She also said she planned to carry this tradition on to her children.
That made me so happy.
  This is why I do it- for her, her children, and so on and on and on.
I do it because these traditions
 build family relationships, love, and trust in a home.
It strengthens faith in Christ and peace in our home.
Also, thank you for sharing your feasts with me!  
I love seeing online what ideas you have, your menus,
 and especially what your themes are!
  It's so much fun.  

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