Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Back to School Feast '18: Traditions

We are a family full of traditions and 
any chance I get, I make it a tradition. 
So naturally our Back to School Feasts are full of wonderful traditions like:
Stained glass stars:
These beautiful stars are handmade by Piggy & Dirt.  
You can pick from tons of fantastic colors, sizes, and even have 
personalized inscriptions made.
I always have the Little Nies names, their grade, 
and date engraved on their star.
Of course I have a beautiful star with our family theme too.

Framed Theme:
Each year I have our new family theme framed
 and added to our theme wall.
I usually have the shop A Vintage Poster create my themes,
But the shop is no longer in business, so I went to Esty.
Turns out I don't love it.
  So I'm on the lookout for a
 good designer who can make what I want to match the others,
(Anybody out there?)
But I always go with Pinhole Press to frame my themes.
 It always looks classy and our theme wall is pretty impressive.

Books: HERE.
Each year I have a blank notebook made from Pinhole Press with the
 kids photos on the front.  The Little Nies love these books
 to write notes in and doodle.  
Last year they used them in church to keep themselves busy.

This year instead of making my crowns I decided to buy
 some nice heavy duty crowns.  
Girls crowns in ruby, sapphire,  diamond, and emerald HERE
boys crowns HERE


This year I found the girls gold and silver metallic dresses HERE 
and Lottie's white dress (she thought she looked like a swan). 
I bought a fancy gold skirt from Amazon.

The boys white shirts- Oliver HERE, and Nicholas HERE

Bow ties for the boys HERE.
This year we did grilled salmon
Fruit salad with fresh cream and coconut oil

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