Friday, July 13, 2018

Weekdays with Rhone

 Have you heard about Rhone yet? 
Allow me to introduce you to the best workout clothing for men.  
Except it's not just for working out, as Mr. Nielson will demonstrate.
Welcome to Weekdays with Rhone, starring Mr. Nielson.
Here he shows us that everything he ever wears
 every day is made by Rhone.
His flips are not made by Rhone, but he wears them daily.

* * * * * *
Monday- Hiking with Angus (and me) wearing long sleeve crew
and orange commuter shorts
 (with flips on):

Tuesday- Moving furniture with Rhone crew and shorts
 (and flips on):

Wednesday- Working on the computer with polo and camo shorts
(with flips nearby):

Thursday- Putting together a bike wearing Rhone shorts
(with flips on):

 Friday- Walking the dog at dusk (again with flips on):
And this weekday review didn't even mention when

Check out Rhone and get your man something.
Chances are are it will be all he will ever wear 
and he will look good doing it too.

*Did you know today is FRIDAY THE 13TH?  
Be safe out there and watch a scary movie tonight.

Happy weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: His Spirit to Be with You 

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