Thursday, July 12, 2018

Better tomorrow

Furniture! We have furniture here in the Harlow House!
Most of what we ordered came--(still waiting on a few more pieces).
Hallelujah! I honestly thought that it wouldn't ever show up.
It's so fun to set up, decorate, arrange,
and rearrange- just like I used to.
I'm making my home, and I love it.
 I'm trying to make it comfortable for my children.
I want them to want to be at home and want to be close to me.
Except some days- like today, for example,
I wanted to strangle them.
It was like 500 degrees with 99% humidity, and I get it- 
it's hot, and no one wants to go outside.
But I can only take so many Star Wars Attack of the Clones cartoon episodes.
Kinda seemed ironic today as I was trying to set up the house
  for the children, and all I wanted them to do was disappear for a few hours.
(which they did to the pool with Mr. Nielson).

But I'm so grateful when the hot sun goes down, dinner is cleaned up,
and I lay my head on my pillow, clearing my mind
 and hoping I can do it better tomorrow.
 * * * *
 We've almost finished our new house plans!
I can't wait.
I picked out our new furniture with my dream home in mind.
It will look dashing within its walls.
Just yesterday, Mr. Nielson and I had a lunch date 
to discuss plans and how much more money we need to save to build it.
I really hope sooner than later.

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