Monday, June 25, 2018

Tomorrow tomorrow

Early early on Saturday morning, before the sun was even up,
I felt a warm body under the covers snuggle
 next to me on the air mattress.
 Christian was back!!  
He unexpectedly returned a day early from scout camp in Florida
along with 20 other leaders and boys, including Oliver and Nicholas.
They decided to drive through the night Friday to be home Saturday morning.
It was a wonderful surprise!
Around 8:30, when I opened up my eyes, 
I saw Oliver sitting in the corner of my room, staring at me-
waiting (very) patiently for me to wake up.
"Hey, Bud!" I said in a groggy voice
 "Welcome home; so happy to see you!" 
Oliver stood up and walked over to the side of the mattress, 
then told me ALL about his trip.
He talked and talked and could barely finish his 
story before the one next began.
He was animated and loud, with bright eyes and all smiles.
I was happy listening to all of his amazing experiences;
shark encounters, alligator sightings, coconuts, boat rides, space center,
night ocean swimming, snorkeling, bug catching, and star gazing.
It was a boy's dream come true.
Christian lay by my side, still sleeping while 
Oliver and I talked most of the morning.
Nicholas joined us and shared his highlights and admitted
he was homesick and so happy to be home.
I was so happy too.
UPDATE: Claire made it safely to Samoa,
went to church with her group and will begin 
her service work tomorrow (tomorrow for me is 
actually tomorrow tomorrow for her).

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