Friday, June 22, 2018

More of the same

Today's activities included:
-More of the same (unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and decorating).
-Almost stepped on a creepy black snake on the trails this morning:
-Another Target run.
-Discovered Duck Donuts: DELICIOUS!
-Dropped off Angus for a haircut and flea/tick bath.
-Picked up Angus 8 hours later, and Lottie charmed the
groomer with her special mechanical dog named "Star."
They gave Star a little comb down, spray, and pink bandanna to boot:
-We found a Jamba Juice downtown in Chapel Hill!  Dinner!!
-Spent the evening at the park with Angus, the girls,
 and the fireflies:
Also: I got a text from Claire around 3:00 this afternoon
 (8:00 AM tomorrow-her time) telling me she had landed in Fiji!
The bad news is her initial flight from Fiji to Samoa was canceled, 
so they played in Fiji longer than they had expected;
exploring old ruins and playing at the beach.  
My mother's heart worries she isn't wearing sunscreen
 or drinking enough water or eating.
But she is a big girl who knows her body and what she needs. 
She is going to be just fine.
But still...
Also, Claire connected with her cousin Savvy, a group leader
 with the Fiji kids.  What a blessing!!!! 
 I know Claire was very excited about that- 
and it probably helped her homesickness.
Samoa is 17 hours ahead of North Carolina, which means she
 has been up for almost three days straight and will actually
 never lived on June 21st.  
That's a weird thought.

Tomorrow my boys return home from their Scout trip
I hope to get all the boxes unpacked over the weekend.
That would be such a wonderful feeling.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Faith, Service, Constancy

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