Monday, May 28, 2018

I miss my Pinkie

Last week was kind of the dumbest week ever.
I spent most of my days in bed.
But I did manage to get dressed and do a few things with my family.
Such as eating out:
And go to a movie:
 And ENJOY a very lovely dinner outside with my family-- 
thanks to Lindsay, who AGAIN pulls through with a delicious Sunday meal
on the front lawn:

 Typing is still slightly challenging because my hand is still wrapped up,
and I have spent more hours than I ever wanted laying in bed,
feeling somewhat miserable for myself.
But I have been through worse, I know.
I also have been laughing at some classic e-mails from
strangers.  Like these gems:

Q: "Do you only allow your girls to wear skirts?
I only see them in skirts."
A: Well, what if I told you they
  liked only wearing skirts and dresses?
I know you want me to tell you it's my religion, 
but it's not. 

Q: "Are you ever going to move into your own house?"
A: Thank you for your concern (I guess?).
We are planning on moving to North Carolina when 
our home will be ready on June 1st.
Plus, I just had some surgery done, so I am
just recovering, you know, laying low.  

Q: "You know your can't actually use your Honorary Doctorate, right?"
A: Thanks for reminding me because just yesterday, 
I was this close to writing and signing my own prescription for
some more Percocet.
(There's always a Debbie Downer somewhere, isn't there?).

Happy Memorial Day!!

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