Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Last night Lindsay made us the most delicious dinner of
 grilled vegetables, fresh fruit, and her homemade glorious rolls.  
As the sun set we dined outside in the (surprisingly) cooler-ish AZ weather.
We ate in the front yard under a large pine tree- 
it was quite the the cozy sight.
But I felt pretty gross.
The best word to describe myself would be "blobby"-
 you know that feeling?  
I just kinda sit around with no personality or opinions holding
my slinged hand close to my chest for comfort.
Lindsay braided my hair so I wouldn't get hair in my food.
What a true friend.
I know it wont last forever, but I sure feel like a stick in the mud.
Lindsay has been such a dear friend not only taking care of me, 
but making sure my children are happy, well fed, and taken care of.  

Last week she arranged a very darling boy to take Claire out.  
Of course I wasn't able to see her off, but I made Jane secretly film
 him picking her up.  
Mr. Nielson asked the usual questions: How late will you be out? 
and "What are your plans".  
(They went bowling and she came home around 11:00).
She had a good time.
I have a follow up appointment wit Dr. L tomorrow.  
I am very very very nervous to see my hand without pinkie-
so are my kids.  Change is hard.