Monday, April 02, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 9 & 10

We pulled out of North Carolina on Saturday afternoon
 leaving behind a beautiful state and its amazing spring weather.
Saturday and Sunday, was dedicated to linstening to the

As soon as we needed to raise our hand and sustain the 
prophet and leaders of the church, Mr. Nielson
pulled over at a rest stop in Tennessee.  
There we parked the RV under the newly budded trees and watched on a little phone
a historical moment as
 Russell M. Nelson became our newest prophet.
I will never forget this experience.  
With tears in my eyes, I raised my hand to absolutely 100%
sustain him and the other church leaders (I snapped a few photos too).
I am so grateful the Little Nies was a part of this amazing event.
They will never ever forget this sweet experience, and I hope the memories they 
had of that moment will boost their confidence and testimony.

After we drove out of the parking lot headed for Arkansas, 
I turned around to see tears in Jane and Oliver's eyes.
We all felt the Holy Ghost confirm truth and we felt light-
even in our little RV that morning.
 It also brought lots of questions and cool discussions about
what a Solemn Assembly is and what we had just experienced.
 In the evening as the sun was setting,
 we pulled in the Walmart parking lot in Arkansas.
Mr. Nielson and Oliver changed into their church suits
like Superman in a phone booth and off they zoomed
on Mr. Nielson's motorcycle.

The boys drove to a chapel nearby to watch the Priesthood session.
 Words really can't express my deep love
 for the leaders of the Church in all capacities.  
It was uplifting and I felt God's love for me and my family and 
for the choices we're making.
We drove through the Ozarks listening to inspired words and basking in God's 
love and glory.  I will never, ever forget this General Conference.
Since Easter and conference were on the same day, we didn't go to
our usual church meetings. I know this is silly, but I didn't wear my 
pink Resurrection hat and I missed it.
 But it's probably just as well since it is packed up in New Mexico
in boxes from our move anyway.
So, needless to say, Easter was a little different. 
No Easter baskets, no new Sunday dresses, and white gloves.
 No colored eggs, or singing church songs about the Resurrection,
and no fancy dinner with flowers
 ( I did pick up fresh pink Easter lilies at Walmart
which I placed in the cup holder in the front of the car).
It was kind of sad and slightly disappointing,
 but it was also refreshing and sweet.
It was different but in a way a good different because we focused on Christ and his
beautiful life, death, and Resurrection.
We read from the scriptures about Christ's last days on earth and his glorious Resurrection
 around the tiny RV table and shared our love
for God and His beloved son.
* * * * * ** * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
Roots and Branches, April, 2004
"Children have a natural desire to emulate the examples of their parents. 
Generally, boys incline toward the attitudes and work of their fathers;
 girls aspire to live as their mothers do. And you parents, 
don’t be too surprised if, sometime along the way, 
your children become better than you."

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