Tuesday, April 03, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 11//Lottie's BIRTHDAY

Today is my sweetheart Lottie's SIXTH birthday!
But, shhh she doesn't know it.
I am being a meanie mom and pretending that her 
birthday is on Friday (or maybe Thursday)
when we will be back in Utah so I can give her a proper birthday.
Day 11 was epic!
We rolled into Pawhuska, Oklahoma Sunday evening.
  Ree and I texted back and forth about plans to visit her amazing
  Ree, aka The Pioneer Woman, so graciously reserved 
a wonderful round table enough for all of us Nies
near the corner of her restaurant where
 we all enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  
When I say delicious, I mean amazingly delicious.  

Everything from Ree's cinnamon rolls to the 
croissant french toast and breakfast burritos.  
While we enjoyed our breakfast, 
some of Ree's assistants spoiled us and brought us over each a cusomized
goodie bag filled with gifts picked from her shop.
And after breakfast we were greeted
by Jackie upstairs in the bakery with more bags filled with 
 delicious treats from the bakery.

But the best part was having Ree give us a personal tour of 
her new boarding house hotel.
Each room is designed with a name and theme. 
 They are beautifully decorated.
I can't wait to go back and stay!

Thank you, Ree.  
WE love you so much (especially my gingers!). 
Then we jumped in the RV with
bags full of Ree's desserts headed for Colorado.
We only have two more days left on our epic RV trip.
It's sad to see the end...no, really we are!
This trip with Cruise America has been amazing in every way,
and in a few more days I will blog about why I think you should
consider taking your family on one of these trip-a-roos!

We may be slightly stir crazy, but mostly we're all still having a blast.

**Remember me and my wooden hand with REE?

* * * * * * * * * * 
Teachings from RMN:
All of us may preach the gospel by precept and example. 
The word gospel means “good news.” 
The good news is the Lord Jesus Christ and His message of salvation.

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