Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Back in the saddle again

And just like that, we are back on the ranch.
We pulled in late last night and noticed in the distance behind the mesa 
 a blazing forest fire that had lit up the sky.
It's quite a ways from us, but we hope it won't progress further.
The ranch (and everyone in this area) is really struggling; 
we need moisture! Rain! Snow! We'll take anything!
 The grass production is low, putting
a strain on farmers and ranchers. It's a tricky business.

I am so excited to run my regular running trails in the morning!  
I will probably be surprised that spring has sprung on the ranch.
I am eager to check and see if the buds on the pear trees
 in the front yard have popped, and I am sure that the grass 
will be a brighter shade of green.
Jane's baby chicks will be huge, and we have a few 
new calves born!
It's going to be a busy day tomorrow and 
I am really anxious to get back into a schedule.  
I have loads of laundry, piles to put away, ironing, 
home school, and grocery shopping. I'm already tired of talking about it.
Claire is really jazzed to go to our mailbox in the village. She is 
expecting a few letters from a certain someone.
The boys are SO excited to get out their motorcycles and ride,
Jane is excited to pick up a new chick
 she dropped off at a friend's house before we left, Lottie
is happy to be back with her dress-ups,
and Mr. Nielson and the caretaker cowboy will be busy spending the day
 rounding up and checking on the cattle.  
We're back in the saddle again.

 * * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
When Jesus said "repent," He asked us to change—to change our mind, 
knowledge, and spirit—even our breath.  
To repent fully is to convert completely to the
 Lord Jesus Christ and His holy work. 
Yes, the Lord has commanded us to repent, to change our ways, 
to come unto Him, and be more like Him. This requires a total change.

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