Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Welcome to New Mexico!

The Jones family pulled up to the ranch last Friday 
afternoon and before they even unpacked, we all
 jumped on the wheelers and motorcycles, 
buckled up the kids and drove on the dusty ranch roads.
Welcome to New Mexico!

The ranch was chilly and windy and dusty but stunning!
Welcome to New Mexico!

We arrived back at the ranch house from our ride feeling
cold, dirty, and starving.
Behind us, the sun was setting, but we were determined to drive into
 Albuquerque to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, so we piled into
the car, and off we went- still dusty from our activities.
(I had sand in my teeth!).
Welcome to New Mexico!

Was it a good idea to pack all ten of our children in cars at 7:00 p.m.
 to drive over 1 1/2 hours to get dinner? Of course!!
And the moon was AMAZING!
Also, we saw (not joking) a green 10-second shooting star...
Welcome to New Mexico!

The thing I love about Lindsay Jones is that she is up for anything,
 she is easy and flexible.
At dinner, we had a few sleepy, grouchy children, 
a few non-alcoholic (of course) margaritas, 
chili macaroni and cheese, green chili popovers, and green chili tacos.
Welcome to New Mexico!

Around midnight we made it back to the ranch and
we're ready to call it a night.
As I put my boys into bed, they were grinning ear to ear
 thinking about what the next day would bring.
We all fell right to sleep as the amazing "Full Worm Moon"
glowed through the windows and flooded our rooms with
a bright, calming light.
Welcome to New Mexico!

* * * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
"While we strive for the virtue of tolerance, other commendable
 qualities need not be lost. Tolerance does not require 
the surrender of noble purpose or of individual identity."

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