Monday, February 19, 2018

Jane is 15

My Jane Bronwyn turned 15 yesterday.  
Where does the time go? 
 I remember when she was born, as if it were just yesterday.
I was shocked to have a beautiful little chubby RED, head baby girl!
Jane brought with her to earth and to our family goodness and beauty.
Jane can see the good in people and in situations.
Jane blesses our home with her homemaking skills and pleasant attitude.
Each Saturday night, you can find Jane in the kitchen baking bread
for our church congregation to use for the sacred sacrament.
Jane is doer.  A good-doer!

Jane is every mother's dream come true.
I am proud of Jane not only for who she is
but also for who she is striving to become.
She dedicates her life to God and 
 understands her divine potential as His beautiful daughter.
Jane will be a wonderful mother with
endless amounts of patience and purity.
Happy 15th birthday, darling woman. 
 I love you so much.  

* * * * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
The Canker of Contention, April, 1989
"The home is the great laboratory of learning and love. 
Here parents help children overcome natural tendencies to be selfish.
Parents should be partners to cherish and protect one another,
 knowing that the aim of the adversary is to destroy the integrity of the family."

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