Thursday, January 18, 2018

We Found Snow!

Last Sunday night, I texted Lindsay in Arizona to see how she was doing,
 and also to ask her a favor (I am such a good friend!). 
 Lindsay texted me and said yes to the favor 
but also informed me that she and her family were in Pinetop at their new cabin.
She and Spencer just bought and renovated a darling
 little cabin in the mountains of Pinetop, Arizona. 
Pinetop is about 3 1/2 hours away from the ranch, and since 
we didn't have any plans for  MLK day, we decided to meet up; 
plus, I've been itching to see snow!
So we woke up early Monday morning, packed the car with a few 
snacks, and met our dearest friends in the snow.  
We walked around a frozen lake where I took a dozen of
photos in a weird filter because
I had my sunglasses on and didn't see a difference.
That's something an old person would do.
I'm getting old.

I can't tell you how nice it is to be closer to that adorable
 wonderful family- especially Lindsay.
The weather out west has been wacky.  
We've had super warm weather and poor snowfall.  
So we ate lunch outside in 50-degree weather with
ice cream for dessert.
We drove to the cabin for a pleasant little visit.
I talked to Lindsay while she bathed her baby, and I sat
on the toilet seat holding Lottie. 
Angus moved from room to room, smelling and exploring,
 and the other kids chatted in different rooms.
Spencer and Christian talked about construction on the cabin and ideas
for our new home. 
Finally, when the sun was gone, and the air turned freezing,
 we packed in the car again (hit a Redbox on the way home), 
and drove back to the darkness.
We climbed into bed exhausted from a wonderful holiday
 with dreams of visiting the Jones's again, but next time for longer!

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