Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Count me in!

Yesterday on a frigid morning, I gathered my family around the TV as we 
watched our new Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson speak 
to all the members of the Church.
  I will never forget the moment.
Crowded around the TV upstairs in the freezing heat-less ranch house. 
Wrapped up in blankets, we watched the newly 
ordained First Presidency speak to the world. 
President Nelson and his counselors, President Oaks, and
 President Eyring testify of Christ.
It was powerful, and I was choking back tears most of the
press conference because
I KNOW President Nelson is a prophet of God,
and I trust him and sustain him...count me in!

When President Monson passed away a few weeks ago,
and the world knew that President Nelson would be the new prophet,
I decided to make a goal to listen to one of President Nelson's 
General Conference talks each day.
I started with his first talk in April 1984 to the present time.
That's 34 years and 68 talks.  
This has already blessed my life considerably.
"I declare my devotion to God our Eternal Father and to 
His Son, Jesus Christ. I know Them, love Them, 
and pledge to serve Them—and you—with every remaining breath of my life."
-Russell M. Nelson 

"With all my heart I pledge my loyalty and support for 
President Nelson's loving and inspired leadership. I rejoice in the 
opportunity to give my full efforts to bear witness of Jesus Christ
 and to proclaim the truth of His restored gospel."
-Dallin H. Oaks

 "The growth in the number of members and their spread 
across nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples are visible miracles, 
but the greater miracle—and the one which will 
accelerate—is the growth in faith in Jesus Christ. 
This is a great time in the history of the Church.
 And yes, the best is still to come."
-Henry B. Erying

You can read more about this amazing event HERE.

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