Friday, December 01, 2017

Christmas Tree(s) 2017

We're lucky to live on this gorgeous ranch filled with Pinyon pines. 
Not only do these trees look fantastic, but they also smell incredible
 and make for the perfect Christmas trees. 
Today after school, we all jumped on the back of Mr. Nielson's 
truck and drove a few miles from our home to a spot 
on the ranch that's nestled against the Zuni mountains.

There must be hundreds of thousands of them in 
all shapes and sizes.

After we agreed on a tree, Mr. Nielson used his chainsaw to cut
down four trees for the ranch house.
On our way home, we played Christmas music
 (Doris Day's Christmas album is AMAZING!),
and sang along while snuggled up in blankets.
I couldn't stop thinking about how my small family 
was making new traditions and how happy and content we were. 
None of my kids mentioned missing our old Christmas tree stand 
in Provo, nor did they seem disappointed in any way. 
It was just another confirmation that we were meant to be here, living on the ranch.
We came home, and the girls and I made chili for dinner and
 decorated Christmas trees with the boys.
Mr. Nielson made a fire in the living room and gave 
Angus a bath in the tub.

The trees on the ranch look so cozy and festive 
with those bright Christmas lights on them.
It's really lovely, especially when the sun goes down.
I also had Mr. Nielson cut me some boughs for wreathes
and other Christmassy projects.
 Boss and Mary drove up just in time to join us for dinner.
Tomorrow, we are headed to the Q for the Cattleman's Convention.
I am looking forward to it!

Happy December!
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