Friday, December 01, 2017

Christmas Tree(s) 2017

The ranch land is filled with glorious Pinyon pines
 they smell good and are perfect for Christmas trees.
Today after school, we piled into the back of Mr. Nielson's truck
 and drove a few miles from the homestead to a place on the ranch 
that sits up against the Zuni mountains.

There must be hundreds of thousands of pinyon
trees that vary in all shapes and sizes.
 It really is glorious and smells so good.
When we all agreed on a tree, Mr. Nielson used
his chainsaw and cut down four perfectly imperfect trees for 
the ranch house.
On our way home, we played Christmas music
 (Doris Day Christmas album is AMAZING!),
and sang along while snuggled up in blankets.
I kept thinking about how my little family was making new
traditions and how we are happy and content.
Not one Little Nie said how they missed going to the
 Christmas tree stand in Provo,
in fact, they didn't seem disappointed in any way.
Just another confirmation that we are supposed
 to be here living on the ranch.
We came home, and the girls and I made chili for dinner and
 decorated Christmas trees with the boys.
Mr. Nielson made a warm fire in the living room and gave 
stinky Angus, a bath in the tub.
I will probably never forget these moments- not in a million years.
This is what happiness is to me.
 Boss and Mary drove up just in time to join us for dinner.
Tomorrow we are headed to the Q for the Cattleman's Convention.
I am looking forward to it!
Having the trees up with bright lights in little corners of the house
really makes Christmas come alive!
 And you should see how cozy 
and bright, it makes the ranch house look in the dark!
My mind can't help but dream and scheme for my future ranch house. 
 Hopefully, we will be able to begin building the first of the year
and be in for Christmas 2018!!

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