Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Ranch Christmas

Living on the ranch means a change in the weather 
(among other noticeable changes)
and around this time in Utah, we are gearing up for
 (and may have already shoveled) snow!
Here in New Mexico, we are promised snow- at some point.  
It may not stick like in Utah,
 but we'll see the fluffy white stuff fall from the sky.  
It hasn't happened yet, and I assure you I AM patient waiting.
 It sure gets chilly, though!
It's been a little different, getting into the Christmas spirit.  
We listen to Christmas music every moment we are awake, 
and today we hung wreathes and lit trees, and tomorrow we will head
 to Christmas Tree Corner to pick out a few trees for the ranch house. 
 Caaaaaaannnnnn't wait. 

This new life we are living is a huge change in every way!  
But we are so happy and have really embraced this new lifestyle.
I mean, today, Mr. Nielson and I escaped on his dirt bike out on the
 range to check on the cattle and make out.  It was lovely.

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