Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Waiting for us

Just as Mr. Nielson predicted, it was a stormy day 
here on the ranch, but no snow...yet.
In the afternoon and after a busy school day, I needed a breather 
and some alone time, so I took Angus for a walk outside.
We walked to the lone tree in the middle of the front pasture.
It was windy and overcast, which was perfect because 
I love that, and it felt invigorating.

And just as I got home, I stepped in the door it started to rain.
Later that evening, Mr. Nielson and I left the Little Nies 
at the ranch house and drove into town, where we met a few friends for dinner.
It's been so fun meeting and getting to know people here.
But even better was driving home from dinner in the thick 
darkness sitting close to Mr. Nielson in his truck, knowing 
we were in the middle of nowhere with five beautiful children waiting 
for us at home.

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