Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hygge time

Today was a beautiful autumn day here on the ranch.
It was windy and chilly. It feels like something is blowing in.
I wish so badly it would be a big snowstorm. I'm a sucker for snow, and
Mr. Nielson said there was a chance it could storm tomorrow.
I won't get my hopes up, 
but I won't dismiss it either...what if?
I don't like looking at the weather forecast because 
I want to be surprised and shocked when something (like a big storm)
 happens unexpectedly. It's cozier that way.
Today in the kitchen during school, we listened to Christmas music,
and I burned a balsam candle to help us transition to our Hygge season.
I am determined to create Hygge here on the ranch,
 even if I have to force it a little!
After all, Hygge means being present, recognizing our 
surroundings, and enjoying the moments. It can be a sweater, a candle,
music, hot cider, a cozy fire in the fireplace, 
or being bundled up for a brisk walk with the dog.  
All Hygge worthy, and really, that is my life.

Last night after the Little Nies were asleep,
Mr. Nielson and I sat on our bed, eating ice cream, and we began 
sketching out our new ranch home!
It was so exciting, and I couldn't help but think about the Hygge 
I want to create in our new place.  
We already have a name for this new home of ours.
And it's going to fit perfectly.

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