Thursday, September 07, 2017

Back to the ranch, back home.

We returned to the ranch after saying goodbye to the Jones's yesterday morning 
and a lovely visit to the Arizona mountains.
We rolled into the village pretty late.  
The ranch road was dark and dusty, and the moon was bright and glorious.
Half the Little Nies were asleep, and Angus was on my
 lap, his head stuck way out of the window, smelling in his new surroundings.
(It will be nice to have my own house again someday).
We walked into the ranch house, all a little grouchy and hungry.
We dumped luggage and backpacks on the kitchen floor, ate toast and
bowls of cereal, then went upstairs to bed. 
We will deal with it all tomorrow.

Just as I was hiking up the stairs to my bed, a text came through:
"Do you live off I-40?" it read. "Considering a visit."
It was from THE famous Dr. L!!!!!!
I mean, to get him to smile is kind of amazing, so you can
only imagine my delight to get this kind of text...
One can only hope a visit is in the works.

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