Friday, December 12, 2014

Gala 2014

One of the reasons Mr. Nielson and I brought the Little Nies down to 
Arizona for a week, was so we could attend the annual 
The gala raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for families who are 
effected by burns and trauma.  
The foundation was so helpful to my little family in my time of need.  
It's really a fabulous organization, and the 
generosity of others is really very truly inspiring.
Dr. L and his beautiful wife Sara invited us, we were to thankful to accept.
Next year, I hope Dr. L and Mr. Nielson wear tuxes.  
I'd really like to see that.
This has really been a wonderful trip and the weather nailed it.
I am a lucky gal because I have such a wonderful family, doctors,
and amazing friends who live here in the 'Valley of the Sun'.

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My dress and necklace HERE
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