Friday, August 18, 2017

Feast Details

The theme is ready and printed out for our Back to School Feast and
I was so hoping we could have it this weekend-
or even this upcoming Monday but unfortunately, I'm just not ready yet.
With the move and settling in here at the ranch
 we will wait another week.  The Little Nies
are so patient with me and they know that I won't just slap together this feast.
 This is a big deal for our family and I want it to be right.
I know that some of you are having your feasts (or have already celebrated), 
I hope you are using or will use  #BACKTOSCHOOLFEAST 
if you post on social media. 
 We all want to see what you've come up with, 
what you eat, and what your new theme is! 

Besides our delicious dinner, our feasts include:
Our name/grade/theme glass stars

Custom theme print:
A Vintage Poster

Crowns made by yours truly:

Back to School notebooks and drawing pads:

This year we will be wearing white to our feast.
I found the best lightweight summer dresses at Roolee Boutique 
for us girls like this one:
And last year I added a new tradition to our feast:
Our new family theme is on a one-of-a-kind gorgeous quilt.
Stitched can sew anything (like your new school/family theme or scripture)
 on a beautifully colored quilt.

Can't wait to show you this year's feast in all its glory!
Including our new family theme!!!

So much has happened on the ranch.
  A lot of changes and readjustments.
I am grateful for the weekend so we can reevaluate and relax.
Wow, I feel overwhelmed...but in a peaceful way.  

Have a wonderful weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Let the Holy Spirit Guide

You can see more from last years feast HERE

Also to note: we will miss you, Mr. Justin Hackworth!

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