Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Don't look back

This morning after a very emotional, heartfelt prayer on the floor in our empty
 living room at Fox Hill, my family loaded in the car
 (and Mr. Nielson in the U-Haul),
 and we headed for the ranch.
I told myself not to look behind me in the car at our beautiful home 
on the hill as it disappeared from sight.
 I did, however, look in the rear-view mirror at each of the Little Nies 
who had their heads turned, looking with tears rolling down from their eyes.
Our favorite neighbors came out of their homes to see us off and 
shouted and cheered words of encouragement 
and love as we headed out of the neighborhood.
Then, in the silence, I told the children it was OK to cry. 
 Sometimes it just feels good to let it go.
Last night in a quiet house Christian and I lay in bed choking
 back tears together, and I told him that even though
 I am heartbroken to leave the most beautiful home I have ever lived in, 
the amazing neighborhood of my childhood, and my family, 
I don't feel regretful or worried about this decision.  
This is what we have been asked to do, and we are doing it.

As I type this, we have made it safely to the ranch.
The straight two-mile bumpy ranch road was lit by the incredible full moon,
 the kid's heads hanging out the windows, 
the train in the distance, and our cows mooing.
We pulled up to the ranch house, unloaded a few boxes, 
put sheets on beds, showered, and thanked God we made it safe. 
We also asked God for courage and strength as we embark on this new life.
 I don't know what the future holds or looks like, 
but I am confident it will be wonderful.
I took photos of our U-Haul most of the way from Utah to New Mexico.


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