Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Tonight after climbing into bed after a super long day of moving prep,
Jane sent me this photo of the ranch with a text that read:
"We're moving here!".
That cotton candy sky could tempt anyone to New Mexico-
even Jane, who I can sense, is struggling with this change.
Today I cleaned out closets, emptied drawers, packed up stuff,
and went through clothes.
And now, in my basement, I have piles.  
One pile is to take to the ranch house,
another pile to pack away in storage, the third pile 
(which is getting bigger and bigger by the day), is my garage-sale pile,
(which will be on Saturday, August 5th!!).
Another pile is stuff that doesn't belong to us: (whiteboard, swim trunks,
ski gloves, plates, and a random backpack-among other things).
And the last pile is my donation pile.
Oh, I lied; I also have a giant garbage pile 
and things-I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-pile.
Not only do I have piles in my house, I feel like I have a bunch of
piles in my head too.  
Piles of emotions, and I am not quite sure where to put them. 
 But I am confident as the days go by, they will all have a place to go-
just like my piles downstairs.

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