Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Paper hearts

Today as I was going through drawers in my loft and boxing up glitter,
 stamps, paper, and my sewing things I happened to look up 
on my wall where our huge vintage map is hanging.
In Utah (where we live), I noticed a cutout heart taped on it.
Then I noticed a heart taped on the state of New Mexico 
(where we are moving to in a few weeks).
I am not sure which child put the hearts on the map,
 but it made me happy- and sad and all sorts of emotions.

I know this move is going to be hard on my children. 
 Change was never our strong suit, yet we've had plenty of it in our lives.
I am impressed at how the Little Nies have embraced and dealt with this change.
Christian and I often talk about how amazing our children are.
They are resilient, strong, and brave, and I am honored they are mine.
Together we can do anything.

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