Friday, July 07, 2017

Extra amazing

Mr. Nielson is always amazing but for the past
three weeks he has been extra amazing.
He has been installing a sprinkler system for Fox Hill.
Just how he knows how to do everything, and anything is beyond me.
He just knows.
When we first got married, he worked at a home improvement store,
and he earned his degree in construction/facilities management
so he is pretty capable.
And we've employed a few strong boys from the neighborhood,
to do some serious grunt work, thank heavens!
Thanks, Reagan and Thomas.

I mean, I have helped shovel dirt, drive the ATV around,
and pose with the pick ax and such.
But mostly, I am really good at watching
 Mr. Nielson work, fill up ice water, and make jokes about
how hot it is outside. 
And there have been few times that the whole family has been
 out working and helping too.
Like they always say:
A family that works together stays together, right?
Today Mr. Nielson is filling up holes, and early
 next week we will finally have grass!  
REAL GRASS!  We have wanted grass since we built Fox Hill,
 and now we are getting it just in time to say goodbye.
That's kind of a bummer.
We will enjoy it while we can.
 Each night Mr. Nielson falls into bed exhausted,
  and I snuggle under
 his arm and talk to him until he doesn't
answer my questions or respond to my stories. 
 Then I know he is in dreamland-where he should be.
 And he's earned it.

Happy weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: The Blessings of Family Work

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