Thursday, July 06, 2017

4th of July 2017+LDOTY

 4th of July 2017:
Family, friends, food, treats (Sweet Tooth Fairy!),
 swimming, and fireworks.
Our morning included homemade fluffy (Ollie's request)
 pancakes with berries and cream.
Mr. Nielson had been up hours before working in the yard, as he
had been installing a sprinkler system in our backyard. 
It's been quite the job. (More on that to come).
As per tradition, my parents hosted the Clark family
 BBQ lunch/my Dad's 73rd birthday party.
Slip n' slides, birthday cake, screaming children, and this year was
especially special since my Dad has completed his 500-page memoir.
Courtney suggested a member from each family take the memoir, stand up 
in front of all of us and scroll through the book. When we all yell "Stop," 
the person reading picks a paragraph to read.
Claire represented our family. 
It was hilarious as people picked some really funny
little snippets of my Dad's life. 
Then we all came home and took a long nap (4 hours worth).  
I'm pretty sure the 4th of July is the longest day of the year (LDOTY),
it goes on and on, and I swear the sun never sets.
After our nap and later in the evening, Lucy, my brother Andrew,
and their families came to Fox Hill for a 4th of July nightcap.
Mr. Nielson and I grilled salmon and made fish tacos.
We sat by the pool while the kids swam, and then 
(when the sun finally set), the sky lit up with fireworks
as far as the eye could see. It was pretty magical.

Good night, and Happy Independence Day!

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