Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Chilly in June

We are in full Summer mode here at Fox Hill; swimming, 
late nights, eating outside, and windows open at night. 
 And then, one morning, we woke up, and it was freezing.
Snow covered the tops of the mountains, and it rained 
intermittently throughout the day.
I wasn't prepared for this unusually cold weather.  
I wore sweatshirts and jeans and complained anytime anyone opened the door.
Since the pool has been open, the cold hasn't stopped
Lottie from swimming.
Today I hesitantly agreed to watch her while she and her cute 
boy/friend/ neighbor swam cautiously for about fifteen minutes.
Jane came out in a warm blanket, sat by me, and together we
watched the kids swim, and then we watched Mr. Nielson clean
 out the pool, then strip down into
 his unmentionables and swim laps.

As I sat in my backyard, I reflected on our big move (probably in August) 
and how much I will miss our little piece of heaven here at Fox Hill.
It's been amazing here; I hope we can find a family to live here
that will love it as much as we do. 
As sad as I am to move, I am uplifted by my faith in our next
big adventure and experiences, and I trust God and his timing.

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