Monday, April 10, 2017


I have some very big news.
We are moving!!
We are taking a leap a faith (a very HUGE leap of faith), 
selling our beloved Fox Hill and
moving to our ranch in Bluewater, New Mexico.
I can hardly believe it myself.
We will plan on building an all solar (off-the-grid) home on 
the 9000 acre ranch property. 

One late afternoon as I was driving through my neighborhood on 
my way home it hit me. 
 Wham!  Lightning, "You need to move to the ranch."  
I need to move? Really? To the ranch in New Mexico?
I listened more intently as I drove my tree-lined neighborhood.
I felt inspired, and I felt strangely happy and peaceful too.
I got closer to Fox Hill and looked up at my darling quaint 
home that I designed and built with Mr. Nielson.
This was supposed to be our forever home.  This was it.
I was living in my Provo, in my neighborhood, and in my dream home.
Moving? Really? Truly?
Again, I felt strangely peaceful and happy.
I went home, knelt down in my dark closet and spoke to God out loud
 like He was in my closet with me.
"Father, am I supposed to move?" I asked. "We are happy here,
we built this home as our forever forever home, is this truly what you are
asking us to do?"  Again, I felt peace.
"Ok, we'll do it. It will be really hard, but I can't deny this feeling,
and I also know that listening and obeying will bring happiness,
prosperity, and opportunities that will bless my family.  
I don't see how, I don't see a way, but Father, I trust thee".

I waited a few days before calling Mr. Nielson to tell him of my inspiration
and revelation.  I wanted to be sure I felt good, and I did.
As the days go on, I will undoubtedly share more about our epic move.
There are so many components, so many moving pieces, so much feelings,
so much change, and so fast.

But for now, we are planning on selling Fox Hill.
If you are interested in becoming the new family of Fox Hill, send an e-mail to: