Friday, April 07, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Highlights of the day:

The Jonesons play hard and stay out way past our bedtimes.
And Spencer and Lindsay did a wonderful thing.  They bought a 10-seater golf cart.
I actually don't know how much it seats since we managed to get both of our
families on it tonight (all 14 of us).
We piled in and took the canal roads all the way to the center of Gilbert
where we had dinner.

Riggs and Lottie unite.  
You know, I actually believe that they will one day get married. 
 I just feel it in my bones.
That would be wonderful because I would love to share 
grandchildren with Lindsay.
She's my best friend. 
Plus, as you may know, they already think they are married:

Mugging on Lindsay's newest baby Milo. 
 He is adorable (and smells nice too).

Mugging on my boy, Mr. Nielson, in the beautiful Arizona evening.

Tomorrow we are headed to the ranch where we will
 preg-check the six remainder heifers who haven't dropped babies yet.
Then we will head home, and our Spring Break will wrap up (sad, sad day).
It's been the most wonderful break ever!

 Happy Weekend!  
Spiritual Enlightenment: Our Father's Glorious Plan

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