Monday, December 07, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 wrap-up

We spent Thanksgiving last month where
 Mr. Nielson was born and raised: Mesa, Arizona.
We spent a wonderful week with loved ones and enjoyed 
amazing food and good company.

Day 1: Drive from Utah to Arizona.  13 hour car trip.
One memorable stop for dinner in Flagstaff.

Day 2: GrandMary's house.  
Oliver learns some football skills from uncle (former BYU quarterback) 
Dave. AKA: Projector Dave, 
 Mr. Nielson and I take part in an interview for the
Arizona Burn Center documentary.
Day 3: The Jonesons reunite at the Jones residence where
 Spencer has crafted an amazing Christmas light extravaganza.  
Mr. Nielson takes his girls to a farm to see a cattle operation.
Maybe a highlight of the girls life.

Day 4: Thanksgiving at the Nielson headquarters.  
Boss Nielson carves the turkey and then I make Mr. Nielson
and his brothers pose for a photo.
 (Missing is youngest sibling and brother Marcus).
 Over 50 of us Nielson's sprawled around the table(s)
for amazing food and good company.
13/14yr Nielson girl cousins:
Jane, Claire, Grace, Juliette, Lucy, Isabelle, and Mary.

 Day 5: Good times with the Jones family and never being able to 
take one normal shot of our children together.

Day 6: A temple visit in Gilbert with most of
Mr. Nielson's siblings and parents.  Beautiful temple, beautiful night. 
 While we were at the temple, apparently Lottie and Riggs
 got married at a humble backyard ceremony.
I heard it was quite emotional and kissing with a lot of red lipstick.
Night 6 was dinner with in town with Lindsay and Spencer.
Bless Arizona; the in-season citrus, warmer temperatures,
good food, good people, Mr. Nielson's old stomping grounds, 
and the cemetery where a good portion of my 
ancestors are buried.

* * * * *

Luke 1:41-42

When Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb.