Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No One Could Give That to Me

Even with all that others were offering me, 
I realized along the way that ultimately, no one could make me happy.
I felt comforted by my family and my faith, but peace is different from happiness.
At first, I thought stubbornly that the only thing that would
 make me happy was for my life to look like it did before the accident.  
But no one could give that to me, and no one else could make me happy.  
Happiness is my choice, and though it is hard-won,
 I am the only person that can stand in the way of it.
As I gradually accepted my responsibility in choosing happiness every day, 
I rediscovered the beautiful life I had always wanted.  
The amazing thing is the more I make the choice to see 
and feel joy, the more joy there is to see and feel.

(taken from my memoir, Heaven is Here)

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