Monday, March 27, 2017

Certain Women

Last Saturday, I took my girls to the General Women's Session
and part of the 187th Annual General Conference of the Church.
I am so lucky to get tickets to this beautiful night with my daughters,
my mother, my sister Lucy, and her daughter Betsy.
 Some of my favorites from each of the four speakers include:

..."If we trust in our Heavenly Father and in our Savior 
and lean not to our own understanding They will direct our paths 
and will extend the arm of mercy toward us,"
-Bonnie H. Cordon
* * * 
"Holiness is making the choices that will keep the Holy Ghost as our guide."
-Carol F McConkie
* * * 
..."When we have become distracted, doubtful, discouraged, sinful, 
sorrowful, or soul-stretched, mat we accept the Lord's invitation to drink 
of His living water, as did the certain woman at the well, inviting others
 to do the same as we also bear our own certain witness: Is not this the Christ?"
-Linda K. Burton
* * *
You will at times have your faith challenged by Satan; 
it happens to all disciples of Jesus Christ.  
Your defense against these attacks us to keep the Holy Ghost as your companion.  
The Spirit will speak to your soul.  He will urge you in faith.
-Henry B. Erying
Per usual, after conference, we went to dinner and discussed the meeting.
 We talked about our favorite talks, what we loved, and what we learned.
It's neat to hear what my girls heard and what inspired them.  
They are indeed growing up to be such beautiful dear girls.
I am so glad I have them.

I personally went to the conference with a profound question.
It was absolutely answered at this meeting.
I am now certain about what I am supposed to do. 

Read the full talks and get more information about the evening HERE.  
You can also get more information about upcoming 
General Conference, which is next Saturday/Sunday, HERE.

Happy Monday!

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