Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Back For More of the Same

I really needed and loved this today:
"A wonderful young mother recently wrote to me, 
"How is it that a human being can love a child so deeply that you 
willingly give up a major portion of your freedom for it?  
How can mortal love be so strong that you voluntarily
 subject yourself to responsibility, vulnerability, anxiety,
 and heartache and just keep coming back for more of the same?  
What kind of mortal love can make you feel, once you have a child, 
that your life is never your own again?  Maternal love has to be divine.  
There is no other explanation for it.  
What mothers do is an essential element of Christ's work.  
Knowing that should be enough to tell us the impact of such
 love will range between unbearable and transcendent, over and over again, 
until with the safety and salvation of the very last child on earth, 
we can then say with Jesus, 
'[Father!] I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.'" 
-Jeffery R. Holland

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