Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy Day!

Every morning Lottie wakes up, she thinks it's a holiday.
(She gets jazzed about holidays just like her 'ol mom).
Today she woke up and was sure it was St. Patricks Day, 
and we were going to the ranch too!
How would it be to go to bed every night thinking 
it would be a holiday when you woke up?
And then, most of the time, when you wake up, it's not
 that holiday you thought it was?  That could be very disappointing.

I wish everyone could have a Lottie in their lives.
She brings so much happiness into my life, which I needed tonight.
I was pretty grumpy; when I say "pretty grumpy," I mean super grumpy.  
My body ached, my hands hurt, and
I have a crack in my heel the size of Rhode Island.
Mr. Nielson is at the ranch, and we had a major snowstorm
today-and for; me, driving in the snow stresses me out.
Then while taking Jane to school this morning,
 my car did a 180 on a busy icy road.

Also, sadly I have to report that I think I yelled at Nicholas 
about 56 times today- I don't know if I'd say yelling exactly, just
raising my voice...
(but I am yelling pretty loud at him in my head).
Tonight I put all the Little Nies in bed, 
kissed them, prayed with them, and told
them I loved them and I was sorry that 
I was impatient with them (especially Nicholas).
I told them how thankful I was that I could ask God to forgive me and my
shortcomings and ask for strength and have faith for another day.

And really, isn't that what life is all about?

So, Happy-Whatever-You-Want-It-To-Be-Day!

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