Monday, December 05, 2016

Me and My Cowboy

This past weekend, I flew to New Mexico to join Mr. Nielson
(along with Boss and Mary) at the annual cattle convention.
The convention is a bunch of cowboys/cowgirls (actually, it is more like a bunch of
cow-families learning more about their cattle,
wildlife, land rights, environmental issues that affect them,
 water rights, feed practices, immunizations and medicines for cattle,
and new gear and machinery.
It is actually very interesting, and I really love watching
Mr. Nielson interact with these folks. These New Mexico cowboys
are so respectful and so charming.
They tip their hat, open doors, pray before eating,
and shake hands with everyone.  
I have thought about leaving Fox Hill and moving 
to New Mexico, where life slows down, and the sky goes on forever.
I would love to rub shoulders with these hardworking men and women.
They are wonderful people.
Since it's Christmastime in Albuquerque, the streets are lined with 
their traditional luminaries. It was inspiring and beautiful, 
and I wish I had taken more photos of downtown.
Saturday afternoon, Mr. Nielson dropped me 
off at the airport, and we said our goodbyes.
The cows are calling him back. He is preparing to winterize 
the ranch and bring the cows from the pasture. He will be home later this week.

Last night, I watched the First Presidency's Christmas message.
You can view it HERE.
I am so grateful for the Savior's birth.
I will honor Him by sharing the light of His beautiful gospel with everyone!
That's one of the reasons I spend my Wednesday mornings chatting online, 
I want to share the good news with everyone I know!
If you have questions about the Mormon faith, who we are, and what we do,
please come and chat with me on Wednesday mornings from
10-noon (MDT)! HERE.
I am proud of my faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
my heritage, and my beliefs. I sustain and honor our leaders,
 doctrine, policies, and scriptures. 
I know that following God's teachings and commandments brings me happiness, 
and although I am not perfect, I strive to become 
better through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

* * * *

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