Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lets Chat!

I often share publicly here on my blog about my Mormon religion.
 I express the deep connection and conviction
I have to it's teachings, principals and to the leaders.
I sustain and support them on every level, and teach my children to do the same.
I have found happiness and peace especially in this troubled world where confusion and disappointment seem to lurk everywhere.
I am concerned for my children and my posterity
as we navigate these hard and difficult roads.  
Mr. Nielson and I have set into place high standards in our home for our children based on the teachings of Jesus Christ that we learn from our deep Mormon faith.
  We know that peace in this life cannot be obtained unless we
 follow faithfully and obey God's laws and teachings.
I love missionary work which means I love to introduce and talk about
 Because of the peace and safety it brings to my heart and family,
 I naturally want everyone else to know enjoy this good news too. 
Mr Nielson and I volunteer at the 
MTC (missionary training center) Wednesdays.  
The MTC is where missionaries, who have accepted to
 dedicated 2 years of their lives to preaching the gospel of
Jesus Christ around the world go to train. 
Nearly 4,000 missionaries are living on the
campus and over 50 languages are taught. 

My relationship with God has sustained and preserved me in my most
difficult moments, and I want others to have to have the same knowledge.
I offer a free copy of the Book of Mormon
on my blog to anyone who is interested.
We have given away many books to people all over the world!  
I want to be more available to talk about the Mormon faith,
 Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon and anything else you may wonder.  
Mr. Nielson and I go to the MTC where I am available to chat online
from 10:00-noon MST.
If you have any questions about the Mormons such as;
your relationship with God and the Savior,
where you are headed after this life,
and what a living prophet is please feel free to get online with me.
Of course, if you have received copy of the Book of Mormon from me
(at any time), and have questions, I want to be able to follow up
with you and answer them.
Please feel free to chat with me and Mr. Nielson 
(and our MTC missionary companions).
Just ask for "sister Nie".
* * * * * * * * *
Also, The Little Nies and I are headed up the beautiful mountains to
the Sundance Resort where we will enjoy "The Wizard of Oz"
at the outdoor amphitheater.  We are so excited!
The Wizard of Oz Sundance Summe Theatre 2015 Production
Good news for you today!  You can get opening weekend specials
on ticket prices that you can use (or share with your loved ones!)
All of tickets must be purchased online HERE.
Pick your show and enjoy!
Thursday, July 23           All Regular Bench $20, Lawn Seats $18                  Promo Code: Dorothy
Friday, July 24                All Regular Bench $18.47, Lawn Seats $18             Promo Code:  Pioneer
Saturday, July 25            All Regular Bench $20, Lawn Seats $18                 Promo Code:  Wizard