Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Within the walls of my home.

Today is a big day in America.
We will be getting a new President!
It is a new chapter in our history.
And to be honest, I dread it on all accounts. 
Sadly, with our choices, I don't think anyone really "wins."
And that's equally hard and very frustrating.
Last week Mr. Nielson and I voted early.
 I thought I was going to freak out standing in the ballot box
selecting the candidate best for the job.
But it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be.
 I felt clear that I had voted for who I believe will
lead our county in the right direction.
I spoke to the Little Nies about the election and the honor it is to vote
and to live in a free land where our vote matters.
We are lucky.
I also shared with my children this wise counsel from President Harold B. Lee:

“The most important "work you will ever do will be 
within the walls of your own homes.” 

I can't change others' views and ideas, 
but I CAN teach correct and moral principles in my own home
no matter who our President is.
And in the end, whoever wins will have the Nielson family prayers,
and we will continue to hope that Americans will be
 a God-fearing moral land to live in.

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