Monday, November 07, 2016

Weekend Getaway

Over the weekend, Mr. Nielson and I spent a night in one of
Park City's delightfully luxurious hotels!!!
Yay for us!! 
When we arrived at the hotel, they were decorating the outdoor trees
with sparkling lights for the holidays.
(I am ready for Christmas).
Our reason for this beautiful weekend getaway was that I was
invited to speak to a small group at a couples retreat.
I opened the last part of my talk up to questions from the group and invited 
Christian to join me.  It was really fun to talk candidly about our
accident, recovery, and relationship.
And I tell you, room service and breakfast in bed has got to be one of the
greatest feelings in the world....but coming home to
  The Big Mess  could be a close second:

I am kidding.

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