Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cozy and Safe

Jane has a fairy village.
She got it for Christmas last year.
She decorates this quaint little village for each holiday and season.
It's truly the cutest thing you'll ever see,
 and her attention to detail is impressive.
(A vegetable garden with teeny tiny vegetables growing in the ground,
wreaths made from grass on doors, and smiling jack-o-lanterns on front porches).
Today, after school, she and Lottie attended to the village,
adding a few more clay pumpkins 
(she created and painted) for the pumpkin patch.
We've already discussed village plans for Thanksgiving 
(and Christmas will be amazing!!).  
She turns on the little lights inside each house at night,
and the garden comes alive.  Everything looks so cozy and safe.
And sometimes I wish I could jump inside and never come least not 
until the elections are over.

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