Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The BIG Mess

Today was not my favorite day.
It started off fine but progressively got worse.
I have days like that... We all do.
I was on the phone about 50% of my morning talking
about things that were difficult for me.
I was so immersed and focused on the conversations that I pretty
much ignored and neglected Lottie, who decided to act out (probably)
and create what she calls "The Big Mess" in the living room.
"The Big Mess" is when she gets every pillow on the couch and along the 
built-in seats and throws them on the middle of the floor.
Next, she gets out all the blankets, throws them in the pile, and finally 
sprinkles in some toys, dolls, and maybe a few books.
It's horrific to clean up.
Turns out that while I was on the phone, she also created "The Big Mess." 
upstairs in the linen closet, throwing every single blanket,
 sheet, and pillow in the closet on the floor.
I am typing this at 10:00 pm, and "The Big Mess" is still "The Big Mess".  
I will have to clean it up tomorrow. 
We didn't do homework, we didn't have family scripture study this morning, 
we woke up late, and I forgot to call the elementary school Ollie 
attends to let them know he would be missing school because he is sick.

So Lottie and I went for a walk down by my childhood home where
my brother Matt lives, and we picked his cherry tomatoes
popping them into our mouths like candy.
By the way, Lottie stayed in her pajamas THE WHOLE DAY.

Hoping tomorrow, we can all make a full recovery.

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