Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Creeping In

Fall calmly blew through my windows today.
Although it is still a little warm, I feel autumn creeping in.
The sun sits differently in the sky,
and the leaves on the mountains are vibrant with color.
I worked in my house all day, cleaning up "The Big Mess." 
and organizing cupboards and closets.
This evening, while Clane did homework at the table
Lottie read books at my feet,
and Mr. Nielson was with the boys at football practice, 
I made a big pot of garden veggie soup.
Fresh tomatoes, zucchini, squash, basil, and carrots 
filled up tummies for dinner.
My dear friend Randall gifted our family a lovely box of 
 delicious Utah peaches from his farm.  The peaches were for dessert.
I am most happy when I am in my home and 
when I am physically and mentally present.
(like NOT yesterday).
I guess I am not much of an adventurous spirit
because I am most content when I am home.
(Although home is pretty adventurous ="THE BIG MESS"!!)
Some people call me a homebody- I prefer the word homemaker.
I understand that there are seasons in my life, and
my season right now is in my home, where I can raise and rear my children.
I am grateful I can be in the home full-time.
It is where I want to be, and I am grateful that together
with Christian, we can make that possible for our family.

Come one, come all!  Chatting today!

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