Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Taking Over For My Lady

So my lady is gone to girls camp this week and I'm taking over.

Yesterday was her birthday, and I tried to make it special for her.
We began with a morning hike up Rock Canyon, followed by breakfast at Jamba.
Then she opened her presents with the kidlets, and we had a family swim.
Next was lunch at Zupa's...
(these are wierd names...Stephanie picked places to eat all day)
...and a visit with Umi and Grandpa.
Then Stephanie and I went to see a movie (The Shallows)...good summer thriller.
And finally we picked up her ice-cream birthday cake at Baskin Robins.
She hasn't had one of those since she was 6 years old.
I even ordered the cotton candy flavored one...not my favorite, but it's hers.
 I hope you felt special today...I love you!
Also, I'm going to be on chat Wednesday from 10-noon MDT.
Here's my chat handle to reach me:

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