Friday, April 29, 2016

Pizza Pleasure

You know what tonight is, right?  
It's the Nielson pizza night.
Sometimes we order it, sometimes we sit down at a restaurant and eat it, 
and sometimes, we make it.
The Little Nies like it best when I/we make it.
They love picking the toppings, swirling around the sauce on the dough,
 and watching them come to life in the oven.
Lottie loves snapping fresh basil off the kitchen plant to put on her pie.
I love the weekends, and pizza night just adds to the pleasure.
I am excited to see Mr. Nielson this weekend, too!  
He will be home from another week-long ranch trip.

It's cattle season right now.
The cows require special care, including nutrient mixing, immunizations, 
and branding, which keeps Mr. Nielson busy during April and May. 

A vegetarian cowboy- weird.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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